Truly one of Canada’s most beautiful regions, Vancouver, with its mild year-round climate with few snowfalls and cool summer temperatures means strenuous (or leisurely) activities are popular within the city. One of Vancouver’s most beloved activities is biking. With its dozens of bike friendly routes on the downtown streets, designated bike lanes on bridges to keep cyclists safe and the twenty-two kilometer seawall trail starting at Canada Place by the Burrard Inlet, circling Stanley Park, alongside False Creek and ending at Kit silano Beach, biking is a popular means of transit for commuters, visitors to the city, and leisure seekers. Its rewards are numerous, cycling has become a sport for hundreds of riders in the city. Are you hunting about bike shop on vancouver? Browse the before outlined website.

It is not uncommon to see street bicycles (identifiable by the thin tires on their wheels) racing along, their riders training for competitions or just for fun. The back roads and seawall are the most popular for cyclists in the city. Although many lanes are designated for cycling use (especially during peak rush hour from 3pm to 6pm), most riders prefer the narrow bike lanes running along several streets as well as inner city routes and the seawall which goes along many of the residential neighborhoods. It is important to follow the rules of the road to ensure your safety and that of others. The following are some of the most important:

  • Wear a helmet. Not only is it foolhardy to not wear one – especially in shared traffic lanes – it is also illegal. Riders without head protection face a minimum fine of $35. Ironically, the price equivalent of a helmet in a store. This law includes public streets, sidewalks and trails.

  • Before cycling, plan your route. The city of Vancouver (and many rental shops) offer maps on bike friendly roadways as well as one way cyclist routes. This applies especially to Stanley Park which flows in a counter-clockwise direction beginning at Coal Harbour.

  • Pay attention to street signs and specific shared traffic lanes for cyclists on roadways. Narrow roadways, parked vehicles and other hazards await cyclists who bike on roads which aren’t meant for cyclists. Several roadways in downtown Vancouver have specific lanes or are cycle-friendly. Other roads are taken at the cyclist’s risk. Remember, you are sharing the road – holding back traffic on a one lane roadway is not good biking etiquette.

  • Seawall Cyclists (and pedestrians) must use designated pathways. The Seawall is arguably one of Vancouver’s most beautiful trips. Stretching along the Pacific Ocean alongside Marinas, Stanley Park, forests, unique neighbourhoods and beaches, its popularity throughout the year is limitless. This popularity simultaneously brings thousands of people, some which do not understand the Seawall’s construction. Pedestrians should adhere to the walkway closest to the shore and cyclists are usually on the left trail. All bike and pedestrian paths are clearly signed.

  • Pay attention to your cycling etiquette. You alone are not the sole user of the dozens of bike lanes and pathways found throughout Vancouver. Be sure to signal when turning, use discretion, stop at all lights and signs (you are considered a vehicle!) and be aware of your surroundings. Try not to stop in the midst of a busy bike path (such as the seawall) or bike adjacent to friends, preventing others from passing. Your ride will be more enjoyable when you follow the rules and respect your fellow riders! Cycling in the city of Vancouver is a fun and fantastic means of transportation to see the sights, nature or even just to commute to work. Enjoying the many amenities this beautiful city has to offer is easy with the hundreds of bike shops located in all regions of the city selling new or used bicycles or renting them for a few hours even a few days. Enjoy your cycle around, through or within Vancouver, British Columbia!